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Merry Christmas!

This week we had the privilege of hosting some 50 friends and neighbors for a Christmas celebration. It was such a great time to bless others and also to be blessed. We hope to make this an […]

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After a week of being in our new place, we finally have internet. As you can imagine, lots of stuff has happened since we moved including the girls started school yesterday. In brief, things are going really […]

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Family Pics

Before we left, we had a friend take some pictures of our family. We were able to use some of these for our blog and to capture some family shots. Thanks so much to Michael (the photog) […]

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Going, Going…Not Yet

15 minutes. Just 15 little minutes were enough to keep us in the U.S. for another 8 days.

The morning of our departure started a morning early for Astrid and me—in other words, we pulled an all-nighter to […]

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