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Growing up


Since our arrival in Montenegro over a year and a half ago, Joy has grown and changed significantly. Scared and anxious about leaving her “known” life in the States, she was apprehensive about what she would find […]

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Oh the places we’ll hike…

Have we mentioned yet that this country is amazing? The more places we visit and explore, the more amazed we are at Montenegro. There is beauty to enjoy during every season here. Spring, however, is one of […]

Sweet Sixteen

We celebrated Hannah’s 16th birthday on February 18. How the years have flown! Her life has been filled with transition and change. As a result, no matter where we have lived she has found a way to […]

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  • New Year's Eve in Belgrade, Serbia
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16 fortnights

To begin this post, there are two obvious observations that need to be made: first, we have been in Montenegro one year now, and second, this post is long overdue. That being said, it is time to […]

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Why learning the language is crucial…for survival!!

 Here we are, in our beautiful Montenegro enjoying the Christmas season. We didn’t bring any Christmas decorations with us, so we decided to make our own ornaments this year. I found a good recipe for clay made […]

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Our first Thanksgiving in Podgorica turned out to be a memorable day. Over several days we prepared all our favorite Thanksgiving dishes to share with friends. What I liked most about it was getting to make everything […]

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Adjusting, Connecting, Learning

Although life here doesn’t seem to be as fast-paced as we are used to, it has been quite full. We are all trying to find a balance between National school, homeschool, language, friendships, business, our family, and […]

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The First Month

It’s hard to believe we have been in Montenegro a month now. The time has gone by very quickly, and we have been able to accomplish many things. We have been gradually settling into and setting up […]

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Starting School

One of our greatest concerns about our move was schooling for Hannah and Joy. We arrived with so many questions and so much uncertainty. After our initial meeting with the director and a couple of teachers at […]

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House Hunting…International

Kind of like the show, but not really. We haven’t been looking at $3.5 million luxury homes with 10 bedrooms and a swimming pool overlooking the ocean. It has been a fun experience, though! It was a […]

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