Have we mentioned yet that this country is amazing? The more places we visit and explore, the more amazed we are at Montenegro. There is beauty to enjoy during every season here. Spring, however, is one of the most beautiful.  Everything is in bloom, and the weather is splendid!

Hannah hiking in Drusici

Spring is also a time when we get out and go on family hikes. The weather is perfect, warm enough to appreciate the brilliant sunshine and still cool enough to make us go higher and higher! When we reach the top, there are just no words. The views are breathtaking. On a recent hike, we were able to overlook the largest river lake in Montenegro, Rijeka Crnojeviča. We just loved sitting together, enjoying the amazing view and of course food! We always take food on a hike and take time for a picnic.

Hiking with friends

One of the best hiking experiences we’ve had yet as a familytook place recently. We headed up north with some friends, and drove until we found a good place. After meandering our way inside a forest, we ended up in front of some land that belonged to a village family. We didn’t want to trespass, so we turned around and went a different direction. As we were walking, a man caught up with us and begged us all to come to his home and have coffee with him and his family. He was so kind and insistent, that we just couldn’t refuse. Though complete strangers, we were invited into Ranko’s home where his wife Slavica and their sons received us so graciously and served us their very best. His wife came in and out of the kitchen, bringing us what she had cooked the last couple of days: boiled eggs, homemade cheese, bread, pomegranate juice, coffee, and sweets. The family showed us true Montengrin hospitality.

Joy on a horse

Ranko insisted that all the kids take pictures with his horse. The family lives off the land year-round up on a mountain. They get to wake up to that amazing view every day!  It was such a memorable experience, and yes, we will go back–and get to know them better!

Another beautiful place for a hike is in the Lovčen National Park, which is south of Podgorica. Brit and I went on a recent 7km hike in Mount Lovčen. It is famous for being the burial place of the Montenegrin hero, Njegoš. The nature, fresh air, and views are beyond compare. When we reached one of the peaks, we were able to overlook the Bay of Kotor. Such amazing beauty. It really leaves you speechless and grateful to be able to experience such nature. Reaching the other side, we walked through rich forest within the mountain. There really are not enough words to describe how beautiful a place it is. You just have to come and experience it yourself. We’ll be happy to be your tour guides.