Our first Thanksgiving in Podgorica turned out to be a memorable day. Over several days we prepared all our favorite Thanksgiving dishes to share with friends. What I liked most about it was getting to make everything from scratch. It was a challenge that I found to be educational and fun! The new one I had not made before was syrup for walnut pie. I didn’t know if it would work like Karo, but it did. And by the way, for us Southerners, walnut pie is about as good as pecan! I also enjoyed watching Hannah mix a bowlful of cornbread with all the fixins for the dressing. Joy helped make her favorite, apple pie.

We invited several friends who are working with us here to come and celebrate with us and enjoy some American flavors. It was a great time, and our bellies were full by the end of the evening. Being far from family is difficult, but we have been blessed with new friends here–friends that have accepted us into their culture and make it easy to call this place home.