Although life here doesn’t seem to be as fast-paced as we are used to, it has been quite full. We are all trying to find a balance between National school, homeschool, language, friendships, business, our family, and just life. All that to say, is that we have been staying busy and adjusting well. Each day brings new discoveries of the culture, which we find to be fascinating, warm and open.

On two different occasions we were invited to a attend a Slava, a day in which families celebrate their own saint, like All Saints Day. There is a ton of food, lots of people, and an atmosphere of warmth and closeness. Though we were the outsiders, the families went out of their way to make us feel welcome, comfortable, and to ensure that we got more than enough to eat. It was inspiring to see the time and effort they all place in gathering friends and loved ones to honor one another. We were honored to be included.

Each day we have opportunities to practice what we’re learning in our Montenegrin studies. For the four of us, language study has been fun at times, yet challenging at others. Joy has a tutor that helps her three days a week on both her schoolwork as well as learning vocabulary and grammar. Hannah has done well at school tackling chemistry, biology, physics and geometry which are taught in Montenegrin. However, she too will soon be studying grammar with a tutor in order to progress in more than just scientific terms. Brit and I are gradually progressing in our language classes with a ton of laughter along the way! We are all just a little over two months into it and are hopeful that we will learn it eventually. I must say it has been encouraging (and humbling) for the girls to translate for us many times. Ah, the benefit of young minds!

So we have settled into a good routine in our little house surrounded by majestic mountains, gracious neighbors, and kind friends.