It’s hard to believe we have been in Montenegro a month now. The time has gone by very quickly, and we have been able to accomplish many things. We have been gradually settling into and setting up our new home, the girls are doing very well in school, and we have started language study. In addition, the process for registering our company is well underway as is the process for the purchase of a car. Yes, that is a process as well. :)  As we have experienced in the past, things take a lot longer to accomplish in another country. But the process gives us an opportunity to learn patience and laugh along the way. I have found myself wishing for Walmart may times. There is so much you can find here, though, and many ways to improvise. I even ventured to make flavored coffee creamer. Next is condensed milk!

One of the best parts of Montenegro is its people. We have met some of the most gracious, helpful, and kind people here. Both girls have already made such good friends that they look forward to going to school every day.  The kids have welcomed them and helped them fit right in. Joy plays with a group of neighbor kids almost every day.  We often hear her name being called from the street, and the kids wait at our gate for her to come out. Friday night Hannah had the opportunity to celebrate one of her friends’ birthday. They had so much fun at a cafe and then walking in the city center. She came home elated to have spent that time with them. I’ve been getting to know several ladies as well. One in particular, Jana, invited me to have coffee with her this past weekend.  As she has amazing English, we talked for over 4 hours and then walked home. It is so pleasant to take walks in the city as it is incredibly safe. We had such a great time, and she, along with her brother, have invited us to a barbecue they will be hosting this weekend!

Brit is also in relationship with several different people who are helping him with the business, the car, etc.  Sunday he spent time with our neighbors working to pull up the weeds that had grown on the street in front of everyone’s home. It was a group effort, and it appears all the men get out and do it each year to prepare the street for winter.  We had not met all the neighbors yet, so it was a great opportunity for him to meet several others.

Finally, I want to share about Montenegro’s other beauty–the mountains.  We recently took a drive a little north of where we live, and were blown away by the magnificence of the mountains that surround our home. We hiked a little way–all five of us–Brinxie came along. It was just a glimpse of the grandeur, but it left us in awe, filled with gratitude to be able to live in this place at this time.