One of our greatest concerns about our move was schooling for Hannah and Joy. We arrived with so many questions and so much uncertainty. After our initial meeting with the director and a couple of teachers at the Branko Bosevich school, we began to be more at ease. They were excited about the opportunity to have two foreign students in their school and welcomed the girls. Undoubtedly, we were all nervous the night before school started as we didn’t know what to expect. Since both the girls’ schedules turned out to be significantly different, we couldn’t wait to hear all about the first day from each one. When we picked Hannah up that morning, her face was beaming. Joy was surrounded by new friends. We could not have asked for a better first-day experience for both girls. And now, after a first full week, they not only survived it, but they did well. Without question it will be one of the most exciting, yet challenging experiences of their lives. It will stretch them in many ways, strengthen their character, and mature them. We have already seen those things, even after one week.

The school is about a two-minute walk from our home. Hannah goes in the morning, Joy in the afternoon. The schedules provide enough time to do a bit of homeschooling to keep up academically. We’re easing into it, and in time we will see how we can best manage both, learn language and remain sane!

On another note, I must add that Joy only went Monday through Wednesday. Even before school started she developed some bug bite-looking bumps on her that got progressively worse throughout the week. Thursday we decided to embark on the new experience of going to the doctor to see what it could be. The doctor turned out to be a gracious gentleman. He didn’t know what it was, but he did know what it wasn’t. Thankfully he ruled out chicken pox. He prescribed a solution for me to clean the bites with and a yellow liquid to put on them. Needless to say, she is covered in little yellow dots. As a result, she did not attend school Thursday and Friday because she was so itchy and a bit self-conscious about the little yellow dots all over her body. We do have some concern, as the bites were increasing in number but for the last two days have begun to trend down. The yellow solution provides relief, but the poor little thing has been pretty miserable. We are hoping there is much improvement tonight so she can return to school tomorrow.

Overall, it was a good first week of school. A week filled with surprises and some challenges, yet we look forward to the weeks ahead!