After a week of being in our new place, we finally have internet. As you can imagine, lots of stuff has happened since we moved including the girls started school yesterday. In brief, things are going really well. We’ll share more on that very soon, as in probably tomorrow. Also, you can start expecting a more regular posting schedule now that we are re-connected to the rest of the world. For now though, we are doing well, laughing often, meeting some great people, and continually seeing doors opened before us.

This past week we worked to purchase essential items for our home. Due to this, some meetings I needed to have, and a necessary birthday trip to the beach (yes we celebrated Astrid’s birthday in the midst of our chaos), we rented a car for a few days. I doubt very many of you have had the privilege of driving a Dacia Sandero. As we headed out in our little rental car with our lists one morning of the things we needed for the house, we kept focus on the top three items: coffee filters, a printer, and a heater for water to make tea (chainik). Hours later, the Dacia was filled with laughter from all of us as we returned home with our purchased items that we were able to find. Our new, secured priorities had switched to computer speakers, a cordless phone, and a water filtration system. We felt like we had been successful.

For the record, I found coffee filters three days later, secured a printer today, and we abandoned the quest for the right chainik.