Kind of like the show, but not really. We haven’t been looking at $3.5 million luxury homes with 10 bedrooms and a swimming pool overlooking the ocean. It has been a fun experience, though! It was a family affair consisting of looking at several places throughout the city, giving us an opportunity to see much of it. Little Podgorica is a city tucked in a valley, surrounded by rugged mountains. To our surprise, most of the places we looked at had either several fruit trees in the yards or grapevines. The grapevines grow in such a way that they provide a natural carport for the home and making it look very attractive.

Our realtor was great– a native Montenegrin, who studied Russian in school and regularly works with Russian clients. We were finally able to communicate! She drove us to all the properties and was very easy to work with. We looked at a variety of apartments and homes, ranging from small to spacious. The one we chose is a cozy house with a place available for Brit to office out of.  It has a couple of balconies that have a great view of nearby mountains and it also has the grapevine carport. In addition there are kiwis growing alongside the grapes–amazing! One of the best parts, is that there will be room for visitors. So make sure to plan a visit to Podgorica in the future! We are so blessed to have found a new home where we can be in community, learn language and continue to be on this incredible journey together.