After three flights and two layovers, the Boone family arrived in Podgorica, Montenegro. The dad, the mom, the teen, the kid, the dog, three large duffels, four trunks, four carry-ons, four personal items and a kennel all arrived safely. The one glitch was one duffel that came the next day with no problems. From the moment we left to the moment we cruised by passport control and customs, everything went smoothly. Looking back at the whirlwind we have been in for the last few weeks, even jet-lag doesn’t seem that big of a deal. By next week, we’ll be back to normal.

Our emotions are still mixed, though. There is so much excitement and apprehension, happiness and uncertainty, anticipation and fear. Yet through it all we are deeply grateful for the way everything has worked out for us to get here. The transition has been challenging–a bit of a climb, but we can already see many good things come out of it. Just last night, Hannah pointed out to all of us how well we worked together during our trip. We worked as a team, each facing the same exhaustion and nervousness, which connected us all the more. We also learned to let go of “things”. Taking only the necessary was a challenge, but we were able to manage it well. There definitely were a few items that were “wants”, reminders from home that really needed to come along as well.

The transition isn’t over yet, however. There is a company to register, a home to find, schools to fit into, a car to purchase, etc. And there are many things to learn as well. My hope is that during this season we will learn to be content with what we have, where we live, and where we are. With contentment comes peace and thankfulness. It is having true joy in the midst of challenging circumstances. It means not being demanding, but waiting patiently for what we need or even want. It seems contentment comes when you are stripped away from everything–a home, things, even those you love. You come to have a greater appreciation for your family and for what you do have. And most importantly, you are forced to depend solely on God, the One who brought you so far and never ceases to sustain you.

Three years ago, we began to talk about the possibility of moving to Montenegro. And now here we are. We even brought our dog with us. As a team of four with mixed emotions, in transition, hoping to learn the true meaning of contentment, we start the next season of our lives.